The final step to becoming an advanced surfer.

The Advanced Surfer's Roadmap has been five years in the making.

Written and delivered by TSR head coach, Kale Brock, this course takes surfers who are already performing at an intermediate level and introduces them to new and exciting areas of the sport such as tube riding, rotational manoeuvres and airs.

With detailed lectures on technique and targeted, specific practice routines, Kale takes the perceived 'unattainable' aspects of surfing and makes them a distinctly real option for all.

Continuing with TSR's unique step by step and detailed approach, this is the ultimate resource for taking your surfing to an elite level where you can stand out in any line up and hold your own in good surf.

Welcome to The Advanced Surfer's Roadmap.

A proven pathway to elite surfing.

Flow - Rotations - Airs - Barrels

These are surfing's quintessential skillsets.

Inside you'll find what I believe to be the best pathway to advanced surfing. A step by step, detailed, comprehensive roadmap to surfing's most exciting skills.


Rotational manoeuvres. 


Tube riding. 

They're big modules. Huge topics. But they are a doorway to the best experiences of your life. The electrifying moment of being spit out of a barrel you didn't think you'd make. The adrenaline rush of landing a big air. Or the extreme satisfied glow of flowing your way through three or four big turns on a wave. 

They're the moments I live for. The moments I have now made my mission to try and help others achieve for themselves. I hope you'll join me inside TSR Advanced!

Kale Brock
Head Coach, TSR


Beginner surfers work on their positioning, paddling, pop up and speed flow.


Intermediate surfers work on their on-face surfing, including bottom turns, top turns and re-entries.


Advanced surfers work on their overall flow, rotational manoeuvres, airs and tube riding.

Example Curriculum

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Available in days
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  Rotational manoeuvres
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  Tube Riding
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  Course wrap up
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Choose a Pricing Option

Intellectual learning

Learn the ideal technique for each respective skill with our engaging lectures and examples. Compare your own technique with our visualisation clips.

Kinaesthetic practice

Utilising surf skates, skate boards and specific body positioning, begin to kinaesthetically adopt each skillset.


When the conditions suit, employ focused surf sessions (deliberate practice) to finalise and refine your new skills.

Taught by professional surf coach and filmmaker Kale Brock.

"I grew up surrounded by a flat ocean and only surfed 1-2x per week until my late teenage years. That made progression slow and difficult, but I've managed to become an advanced surfer in my thirties.

This progression is due to two things;

1: developing a uniquely detailed understanding of the sport (through coaching and my tutorials) and

2: a strong commitment (and playful attitude) to progression.


Importantly, the same formula that I use to approach my own progression is what I teach here in TSR.

Step by step, comprehensive and intelligent input, simple cueing systems and deliberate practice.

I'm more obsessed with surfing than ever and I want to continue getting better as I enter my 40s, 50s and 60s. There shouldn't be a limit on it and that's what I want for you. I want you to become the most capable surfer you can be. Because with more capability comes more fun."

We teach surfing's most complicated techniques in simple ways

POV learning + more

Through slow motion surfing footage and from POV angles, you will deeply understand each advanced surfing technique.

Common mistakes

Utilising real life examples, you'll learn the common mistakes to avoid when applying the skills from each lesson (in both natural and goofy)

Specific cueing + focus points

No vague terminology. We'll teach you exactly what to look for, and what to focus on when practicing or implementing skills.

Feel like your surfing progress has stagnated?

The best surfers in the world work on their surfing. So why don't you?

It's a common pattern in the sport. Surfers reach their 30s, 40s and beyond and start to believe the myth; my surfing is the way it is - I won't improve from here.

This is utterly false.

With strategic and intelligent input, deliberate practice sessions and clear goals you can see significant improvements in your performance.

This isn't about taking away the fun of surfing either. It's about expanding your awareness as to what's possible and how it's possible (in other words, the technique required to advance!).

Surfing becomes more fun the more capable you feel and that's why The Surfer's Roadmap exists; to put you on the path to better surfing.